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We had 33% of a white Christmas. By this I mean that we celebrated 3 times, and one had snow.

First was our First Married Christmas. Thursday morning the 22nd of December, M and I got up and pretended that Santa had come. Our gifts for one another were nestled under the tree, we tore off the wrappings, then we had a lovely crab cakes Benedict prepared by my fabulous husband.

We proved that even less than 1 year in, we already share a brain. We each decided independently to get the other a watch. Mine is a beautiful analog one with all the gears exposed, and it runs on kinetic energy. (Like the photo, only mine is black and much cooler.) His is cool sporty travel watch.

Friday we took off for Chicago, admired my bro's new house, then had dinner with the family. Saturday was Christmas eve. We took the same walk we'd taken two years prior, now known as Engagement Walk. Then we watched the little ones in the Christmas Pagent. Then there was a lovely dinner, followed by Christmas number two.

Number two was all about the kids. With Will 8, and Tilly 6, they are at the most joyous age possible. There was shrieking of delight, jumping up and down, clapping, first pumping, and enough happiness for me to tuck those memories away to fill many a dark or rainy day. They loved everything, and had just as much fun (well, almost) delivering presents to others as to themselves.

Christmas day was very quiet. The presents we'd intended to sve for opening on Christmas morning were turn into during the flurry of the previous night's excitement. We had waffles, hung out, and went to see Sherlock Holms in the afternoon.

Monday was a final treat for the kids: we took them to Shedd Aquarium. Lots of cool stuff, including a dolphin show, jellyfish exhibit, sharks, and all kinds of neat fishes. After a full day with them, we drove back to Michigan.... Stopping on our way home to have drinks with some friends from out of town who were IN town for the holidays.

Tuesday dawned Christmas number three, celebrating with M's family. We got up rely to wrap the last gifts, and M finished up the cooking while I exercised. Then we headed over to my mother-in-law's house. There was relaxed conversation and wine while M cooked, then his brothers family arrived. G and J are great kids, fun, friendly, and polite. We had a fun and yummy dinner, another gift session, then a heated game of Blokus.

From there we crawled our weary bones home, realizing with horror that we had to go back to work the next day! Why didn't we take off n extra day to refresh?? This question has been plaguing us all day..... My holidays were wonderful, I just wish they were still going on!
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