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Journaling Review for 2011

Hmm. Oops. I seem to have skipped this post in 2010. What was I thinking? Almost as if having a wedding just six weeks away was some excuse for getting scatterbrained about my journal....

Created on 2001-11-05 19:56:27 (#386171), last updated 2011-12-29

23,042 comments received, 13,469 comments posted
2,757 Journal Entries

Journal entries total: 2,757
2010 and 2011 Journal entries: 150
2009 Journal entries: 132
2008 Journal entries: 334
2007 Journal entries: 351
2006 Journal entries: 281
2005 Journal entries: 344
2004 Journal entries: 423
2003 Journal entries: 305
2002 Journal entries: 360
2001 Journal entries: 77

23,042 comments received, 13,469 comments posted
Comments in 2010-2011: Posted: 280 - Received: 705
Comments in 2009: Posted: 403 - Received: 940
Comments in 2008: Posted: 1,047 - Received: 2,693
Comments in 2007: Posted: 1,192 - Received: 3,085
Comments in 2006: Posted: 1,185 - Received: 2,530
Comments in 2005: Posted: 1,687 - Received: 3,621
Comments in 2004: Posted: 2,943 - Received: 4,411

Wow. You can see how drastically my LJ usage has dropped, given that the last two years combined were still less than half of the posts for 2008. My comments have dropped too, and in particular it's obvious that I don't "chat" back and forth via comments as much as I did in the past. (Note: this does not mean I love you any less. I swear.)

On the plus side, I tend to write less when I'm happy and busy. So these low numbers are a clear sign of being in a really good place in life. I still miss writing, and I still intend to keep it up (and increase it). But life is good, life is extremely busy, and I'm too busy living it to write as much as I want to!

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