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Books for 2011

I did a lot more reading than I have in recent years - however a lot of that was "reading" (as in listening to books) as opposed to actual reading without the quotation marks around it. I'm still very pleased with my final total of 31 books.

Books on CD have been a lifesaver for me, now that I commute 40 minutes one way to work. They make the drive bearable and sometimes even something to look forward to. Yay for my library, which supplies me with books for free!

31. Don'ts for Wives, by Blanche Ebbutt. A tiny little book I got in my Christmas stocking from my sister. Published in 1913, some of the advice is woefully out of date, but therefore all the more entertaining. There are also some real gems buried in the silliness.

30. Zenocide, by Orson Scott Card. Somehow I got on a huge O.S.Card kick for awhile, largely because they have a lot of his books on CD at my library. It was entertaining for awhile, but I'm on my last one right now (Children of the Mind) because it is horribly philosophical, mushy, and annoying.

29. Speaker For The Dead, by Orson Scott Card

28. The Lost Gate, by Orson Scott Card

27. Shadow of the Giant, by Orson Scott Card
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