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Rings and Slogans - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Rings and Slogans
A year and a half ago, M and I were visiting my sister in Milwaukee. We were in the middle of trying finding wedding bands. We also wanted to get them engraved, so we were trying to come up with something appropriate to permanently represent our marriage.

During the drive there, I had googled the question. We found some great suggestions for an engraving on the inside of the wedding ring, including one of my favorites: "Put it back on."

There were more serious suggestions of favorite long lyrics, each others' names, dates, code words, latin phrases, quotes from important moments, and so forth. But nothing seemed quite right. So it was that the three of us we were strolling together on a hot August today, heading somewhere for lunch, and discussing the issue. M and I were holding hands, and Sis was walking slightly behind us on the sidewalk.

The heat made hand-holding warm and uncomfortable, so I disengaged. My hand was moist, and I was grossed out. Subtly, I tried to wipe the moisture off my hand onto my shorts, but they both noticed. "What's wrong, don't you want to hold my hand anymore?" said my sweetie. "Are you trying to say I sweat too much?"

"It's nobody's fault," I explain with some embarrassment, "It's just that it's hot. My hand is a little damp, so I want to let go until it dries off."

"But honey," he said in exaggerated mushiness, "it's our sweat!"

"THAT'S IT," exclaimed my sister. "That's what you should put on your rings!"

"It's our sweat??", I echoed. "First that's kinda gross, and second... well.... that's just weird."

"No no, it's romantic," said Sis, and M agreed. I rolled my eyes. Fortunately we had reached our destination so the conversation dropped.

Quite some time later I told my sister that we'd ordered our rings, and of course she asked what we'd engraved on them. "We ended up with simple messages to one another, that's all. Nothing fancy." I avoided telling her exactly, since the messages are for each other's eyes only.

She looked at me with sad eyes. "Not... it's our sweat?"

I laughed and had to break the news that we had not, in fact, gone with her brilliant suggestion. It's now a part of our lives forever anyway though. For one thing, anytime we hold hands on a hot day we remember it and quote it to one another. For another thing, she got us a cool plaque for our wall. It contains our married name in fancy letters, our names and wedding date underneath, and at the very bottom the words: "It's OUR sweat."


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annielaurie From: annielaurie Date: January 26th, 2012 12:20 am (UTC) (Link)
I never thought to pick something special... when we were married (35 years ago) everyone typically put in the initials of bride and groom, and then the wedding date. The idea I think was so husbands remembered the anniversary date!

For the bride, if you got your engagement ring and wedding band soddered together like I did, I was told you couldn't have an engravement...not sure why, but I think the heat made the engraving sort of melt together or something. So I am stuck remembering the anniversary date on my own!
renniekins From: renniekins Date: January 27th, 2012 02:50 am (UTC) (Link)
His has the date, but they said they didn't think my ring would fit both the message and the date. At first they were going to abbreviate the message, but at the last moment I realized that I hated the abbreviation, and I wanted words. So we removed the date instead, and I will just have to remember it on our own (or check his, haha!).

However looking at it now, I think the date would totally have fit too. Maybe someday I'll have it added.
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