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I had a good time at confusion last week, but managed to bring home some kind of ick that made its appearance Monday. It started out as a sore throat and cold, but then on Friday stabbing ear pain added itself to the mix. Whee!

Since I happened to have an unused and unexpired bottle of antibiotics in the closet, M and I decided to self-diagnose the ick as antibiotics worthy without a doctors visit. (The back story: I had a possible infection right before a vacation on May, so I got a script just in case. Didn't end up needing it then, yay.)

Anyway despite attacking this thing with a variety of treatments, I'm still under the weather. Getting better, but slowly! I'm taking today as a recovery day, and have spent much of it thus far nested on the couch. My Kitty Robin is delighted with the situation, and has spent much of the time cuddled up with me. At one point, when M had kindly brought me a mug of tea, he looked at us and laughed. "You've got a cat, a blanket, a Teddy bear, pillows, a book, and a cup of tea. "

I smiled at him. "You can't get much more nest-y than this, can you? If this doesn't cure me, nothing will. "

This better do the trick, because tomorrow it's back to reality. Hopefully by then the worst will be a thing of the past!
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