alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Happy Groundhogs!

As many of my friends know by now, Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday.  I have been told by a few friends that they think of me on groundhog's day....  and I love that my weird obsessions make people associate this silly little holiday with me.

So YAY, it's Groundhog Day, and a happy day to all my friends online!

This morning I wished everyone at work a happy groundhog day, and I think I was largely ignored.  Sort of a "blink and move on" reaction.  Which explains why, when I received a delivery of flowers in the afternoon, people were a bit confused.

"Is it for valentine's day?"  "Is it your anniversary?"

That's when I explained that they were from my husband, to wish me a happy groundhog day.  "Of course."  I then elaborated that it is my favorite holiday.  The guy I was pairing with today, from India, didn't know what the day was.  I  quickly looked up the wikipedia article, and gave him the two-minute overview.  " the rodent comes out of the ground, and he predicts whether the winter will end based on whether he sees his shadow.  If he sees his shadow, it scares him so much that he runs back underground, and we have six more weeks of winter."

He nodded uncertainly.  "So did the groundhog say we'd have more winter?" 

"Well, the groundhogs are in disagreement.  Phil, see he's pictured here being held by this man in the tophat, he says we'll have more winter.  But other groundhogs in other towns say we won't.  It doesn't really matter, that's the fun of it, that it's entirely meaningless."

"I see.  And this is your favorite holiday?"

"Yes!  I like it precisely because it's so silly.  I mean, it's all about a rodent predicting the weather.  And it's all inclusive; nobody has to feel bad or excluded.  It isn't for a particular gender, race, nationality, or religion.  Also you don't have to buy gifts, send cards, or eat special food.  It's nothing but silly fun."

"But you make your husband send you flowers?"

"Well I don't make him.  He just decided to.  I think because he enjoys my little obsessions.  Also, he can make all the guys in the office feel bad for not sending their wives flowers for groundhog's day."

"Hmm.  I just won't tell my wife."
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