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Wait Wait - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Wait Wait
We had front row tickets for Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me... a live taping of a public radio show news quiz. Which is really hilariously funny, and something M and I like to listen to whenever we drive to Chicago.

This was our view. Way off the the side, but front row anyway. I got to say 'hi' to Mo Rocca, and I discovered that he's a very sweet and very funny nerd.

My only disappointment is that they don't use a real bell. Whenever a contestant gets an answer right, Peter will exclaim, "You're right!", and there is a DING sound. In my head, I always pictured him enthusiastically swooping his hand down to tap a bell-hop sorta bell.

There was no bell, it's probably just computer-generated. Worse yet, there is no enthusiastic swoop. I spend some time watching Peter, Karl, the panelists, and the backstage production team... nobody swooped their hand onto a button to announce that the contestant had been right.

Oh well, just one disappointment in an otherwise delightful performance. So glad we made it, and got to hang out beforehand for yummy food with crappy service!!
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