alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I tried oysters last night for the first time. I've had oyster crackers many times, but never actual oysters. I ate two Oysters Rockafeller. They were quite yummy, actually. I was a bit nervous about trying them, but the waiter made them sound really good so I decided to give it a shot. I do like to be adventurous in my eating, and I make every effort to give anything a try once (so long as other people like it I mean).

I'm told Rockafeller is the way to go, especially if you don't really like oysters, because the spinach and cheese and sauce mostly cover up the taste of the actual oyster. I would have to agree. The only adjective I can come up with for the oyster itself is "squishey". I'm not sure what it tasted like. But I put everything I found inside the shells onto a piece of homemade bread, ate it, and found it quite tasty!

Definitely a worthwhile experience. I'm not certain if I'm bold enough to try them raw though - think I'll just stick with Rockafeller.
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