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LJ and Health - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
LJ and Health
One of the useful things about journaling is being able to look at events in my past, and be able to see what happened, when, and what I thought of it. Unfortunately the fact that my journaling has faded over the past couple of years has made this less effective. I miss journaling, even though it's my fault that I've slowed down.

That said, I am pleased to see that I did remember to record this annoying cyst I had last year, just a few months before my wedding. I'm glad I recorded it, because it's back. Now I know what it was, when I had it, and I was able to also use that date to find the name of the doctor who removed it for me. Tomorrow I'll call and see if she can remove it again, hopefully more thoroughly this time. Yay for having a history to look back on!


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