alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bye bye neck bump

Visited the dermatologist, and now the large bump on the back of my neck has been replaced with a painful hole, two stitches, and a bandaid. That's okay though... I'm relieved to have it out! It was sore and very uncomfortable.

Turns it wasn't actually a large cyst after all, despite appearances, but a small cyst that had become infected. That explains why it was hurting, and why it appeared so suddenly on Monday... and makes it an even better thing that I saw somebody quickly and had it removed. She (the dermatologist) is fairly sure that it was the same cyst from last year, and that she must not have succeeded in removing all of it then. In her notes from last year, it said she couldn't find the "pore". However this time she says she did find it, and she seems confident that she got it all. I hope so! I'd rather not have to do this again next year.

In other news, when I got home from my minor surgery we were in the middle of a tornado watch. A tornado touched down just a few towns over, and it destroyed several houses. Scary. We locked the kitties in the laundry room and hung out in the basement for awhile, but all we got was thunder and rain. Really a lucky day all around, when I think about it.
Tags: health
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