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This morning when I arrived at work, I found a brown paper bag with my name on it. In it was half a sandwich. My friend across the table said, "It's Nutella." He remembered how much I said I liked it last week, when he had a nutella sandwich for lunch, so this morning he decided to make me one. How sweet, I was so touched! (literally, how sweet, too... yummmm.....)


My brother and his kids were in town visiting over the weekend. It was really nice. He has not yet visited me since I moved in with M, so he hasn't seen my house. Also he's never visited me with his children. It was really lovely spending quality time with him and the kids, without our parents or sister around. Not that I have a problem with any of them! It's just that it is a very different kind of interaction when there are fewer people vying for each other's time.

The first day, we went to a playground and met up with M's brother, and his children. All four kids had been in our wedding together, so they had fun playing with their "wedding friends" again. I had fun watching them. Afterward we all went to Buddy's for pizza. There was a 20 minute wait, and the lobby was very crowded. I noticed that in a corner under the bar there was a nice empty space, with a footstool just the right side for a child to sit on. Will was getting antsy, so I told him to go sit there. Eventually all four children were huddled in that little space under the bar, playing Plants vs Zombies on my brother's iPhone. They fit there perfectly, and they were out of the way and having fun, but I still laugh every time I picture them all crouched under the bar together.

The next day we went to the zoo, and then we visited the house my bro and I had grown up in. I enjoyed showing it off to M and the children, none of whom had seen it before. The present owner was really nice, letting us in and allowing us to take a full tour of the house. It looks really different, but really good.

The day after that (a Monday), M had to go to work. I had taken Monday and Tuesday off to spend some extra family time, so we went to the Henry Ford Museum. We met up with a college friend of my brother's, and his two children. We all enjoyed the museum. At one point we found a payphone in the hallway. (A real one) The kids found it just as fascinating as the historical displays, and I realized it wouldn't be long before the payphone became an exhibit in the museum, instead of a tool.


After everyone left on tuesday, I met up with my cousin to get my hair done. I was interested in doing some color. I'd been considering going darker, like "low-lights", but she had a cool idea. Our inspiration was a calico cat. So she put some dark streaks in, and some red streaks, we left some of my natural lighter brown, and some of my old blond highlights. It's kinda cool looking! I'm finding a little bit startling to get used to, but I'm enjoying it anyway.

After my hair appointment, I tried to meet M at the gym. Only I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I went to the front desk to make sure he'd checked in. They said he had, so I figured he must have already finished his workout and left already. I was relieved and went to begin my workout. Shortly after this, he emerged from the men's locker room and waited for me in the lobby. (I'm not sure why.) Then he decided to ask at the desk if I'd checked in. "I'm looking for my wife," he said.

"There was somebody looking for her husband. Does she have red hair?"

He laughed. "I don't know! She just got her hair done. I don't know what color she went with!!"
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