alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

0 or 1 babies

I was chatting with my French co-worker today while we ate lunch. We were talking about how I enjoy travel, and I was fortunate during my many weeks being sent to Boston that at least I didn't have kids to deal with.

"Yes," he said in his thick french accent, "once you have kids you cannot travel until zey arrre.... twenty."

I laughed. "But I figure with just one kid, when they're small, you can just carry them around with you everywhere. Get one of those slings to put it in - it shouldn't impede your lifestyle too much - have baby, will travel."

"Yes, zat is true, and you can just take the carrier into restaurants, because zey will sleep all ze time. But once you 'ave one, you may find yourself wanting two!"

"No, I expect we will either have zero or one child."

You have to picture a tall skinny frenchman who always speaks cheerfully and enthusiastically. He jabbed his finger at me excitedly. "Ahhh, but zere is a verrry larrrge differrrence between one and zero, no? Much much more zen even between one and three!"
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