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An Update

So yeah... livejournal. I remember this place. Actually I come here and read once or twice a week, but I haven't been much of a poster.

I still miss posting.

I cannot believe it is already December. This saturday (the 8th), M and I will be going back to Royal Oak, to D'Amatos, to celebrate our first dateiversary. Our FIFTH first date-iversary! I can't believe it's been five years -- but at the same time it's hard to believe we've done everything we've done in just five short years.

We sold my house, moved in together, got married, and many adventures.... but we didn't sell his house. Not yet. That's next on the list. We've started getting serious about finding Dream House. The current plan is to find Dream House, move there, then sell currenthouse. After us and our stuff are all our of it, it will be easy to replace the carpet, do a bit of painting, and generally make it looks spiffy. Hopefully that will make it sell nice and fast.

We're still at the very beginning of Dream House Hunt. We are going to view some houses in Northville on saturday. So excited! I hope one of them is awesome... but I know realistically we may have to wait until Spring before the perfect house appears. I'm nervous too though, because it seems like the good ones get snapped up crazy fast, and the bad ones are... well... bad. At least in the area we want to live, that's true.

In other news, I'm still picking away at the Master's degree I started almost six years ago. Right now I'm in the middle of writing my thesis. It is huge and overwhelming, and mostly I hate it, but every now and then I get excited about the thing. My class will finish on Dec 16, and my personal goal is to have the thesis approved and moving through the acceptance process by the end of the year. Crazy! So close! Of course this means that right now I'm freaking out on a daily basis, exhausted and stressed, and generally tired of the whole thing. It will be over soon. I can get there, I know I can. It will just take some hard work to get there.

Once the thesis is complete, I have one final elective. I'm signed up to take it Jan-Feb, and I've also already applied to graduate in the spring. As of the Spring, I will have a Master's Degree. No way! (Well, unless something goes hideously wrong with the thesis or the class. But it won't.)

Okay, now you are somewhat up to speed, although I really should post something about our amazing vacation somewhat soon. Hoover Dam, Zion, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon North, and Blue Man Group at Vegas. I have lovely photos. It was truly amazing.
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