alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Little girl screams

I miss Robin. It's funny how all kinds of random things will make me think of him. Even something as simple as when we were at Target last night: M came up to me and said, with a sad look in his eye, "I just saw Multi-Cat litter boxes." Yeah, me too. We are a single cat household now.

Anyway that's a sad note, so I will switch to a funny story to end on. I was at a pool party with a bunch of friends, some of whom had children. The kids were playing in the pool, and the one little girl let out this god-awful shriek!!!! Just in play, but it was horrifying!

My girlfriend said, "Now Renniekins isn't going to want to have kids, now that she's heard you make that noise."

"I know," I said laughing, "I didn't even know they were capable of such sounds!"

Another girlfriend chimed in, "That's enough to make you stop ovulating."

"Yeah, I can picture all my little eggies, trying to swim back into the ovaries, elbowing their way up, calling, "let us back in!!!"

My husband added, "And then all the little swimmers will be wandering around going, "It's awfully quiet in here, where is everybody??"
Tags: db, kitties
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