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Oh. My. God.

My sister and I are planning on driving to Chicago this evening to visit our brother, who lives there. He called us a moment ago. Here is a loose reconstruction of the conversation we 3 just completed.

Sis: "I have Bro on the line, do you have a minute? He didn't say what he wants to tell us."
Me: "No problem, sure."
Bro: "Hi guys, I have big news! Remember how you always wanted to be eccentric aunts?"
"No way, you knocked her up??"
"Yes! January!"
"She's been pregnant seven months, and you're only telling us now?"
"What? No...four...don't you know how the birds and the bees work?"
"Yes, it takes 9 months. If she's been pregnant since January..."
"No, she's due in January!"

*startled pause*

"How very cool!"
"Why didn't you tell us earlier?"
"We wanted to wait and make sure everything was okay and stuff."
"Guess what else? We're getting married tomorrow morning!"

*shocked silence*

*confused stuttering and babbling*

"What? huh? tomorrow?? Why so sudden?"
"It's just a little thing in the basement of city hall. She needs health insurance, and mine is better than hers."
"She's been pregnant four months, and you're only now getting insurance?"
"Well, you know, we wanted to wait and make sure the baby was okay and everything first."
"Don't you want mom and dad to come?"
"Oh they're invited, but I don't expect them to come. Her parents aren't coming. It's just a technicality."
"You'll have a real ceremony later on?"
"We're going to have a big party Labor day weekend, for 3 days, with a pig roast, vollyball....."
"Oh my god."
"Well, thanks for all the congratulations and best wishes and stuff."
"We're still in shock! We're speechless, that's all."
"We're picking ourselves up off the floor."
"That's wonderful, congratulations, of course."
"Have you told mom yet?"
"I'm about to call her, next."
"She'll be disappointed there's no ceremony."
"I'll keep that in mind."

...the conversation continued for awhile, with some joking, some questioning, some suggestions, and lots of long digestive pauses.

I'm still in shock. I guess we'll see him when we arrive, and talk about this more....and I guess I have a wedding, er, civil ceremony, to attend tomorrow!

Holy cow.

(update: neither my words, my icon, nor the odd smiling yellow thing next to my mood incidator properly indicates how startled I am right now, so you'll just have to imagine!)
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