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We didn't have plans this weekend. Well, we had a run we were planning on doing saturday morning, and I had a skating reunion sunday night, but otherwise we had no plans. In typical "us" fashion, that was to change dramatically.

Friday nothing very exciting happened. We went out to dinner, watched some TV, went to bed. Saturday morning was our run, so we got up bright and early. We walked downtown to where the run began, walked 5k (we are not actual runners) (except for the finish line and last .1 mile which we ran), then walked home. We did some puttering around the house, then went to Ikea.

We were at Ikea to look at futons, because we've been thinking perhaps we need a small one for our spare guest room. While there, we looked at dining room tables. This new house has a dining room, but neither of us have ever owned or needed an actual dining set before. For the past year, it's been an empty echoey room.

We didn't find the perfect table or futon at Ikea, and ended up walking out with just some tupperware and meatballs.

That afternoon I had a nap, and when I woke up I started thinking about our table situation again. I had once explained to my brother, "I feel silly buying an expensive new table. It seems to me that there should already be enough dining room tables in the world that anybody who wants one can have one." Unfortunately, when I looked on Craig's List, it was often full of ugly furniture.

I spent some time hunting there anyway, and came across a few possibilities. Then, 2 or 3 pages in, I hit jackpot. A pretty-looking table in our own neighborhood! I sent the guy an email, and we eagerly waited for a response.

Thirty minutes later, no answer. "Maybe they have something better to do at 6:00 on a saturday night," suggested M. "Maybe we should too."

So we gave up on a response, went out to dinner, then watched a movie. Fun was had by all. When the movie ended, we found that the table guy had called - woohoo! M called him back, and we agreed to meet at noon sunday.

Noon on sunday arrived, and we drove the four miles to his house. The table was perfect, exactly what we'd been looking for. Solid wood, antique, 6 chairs, 4 or 5 leaves to make it larger for parties, nicely finished. We agreed to buy it on the spot. Then we just had to figure out how to transport it home! We knew that Home Depot would rent pick-up trucks by the hour. M went to Home Depot, while I went to the ATM in order to actually pay for the table.

By 1:00 we were back at their house, loading the table and chairs into our fancy Home Depot truck. Fortunately the table came apart fairly nicely. Fortunately I carry a puffy blanket in the back of my car for just such packing emergencies. A couple extra parts went into my Focus, and everything was ours.

We got it home, and started unloading. I could carry the chairs no problem, and the table's pedestal, but the actual table-top (solid oak) was heavier than we felt safe having me carry. Fortunately our neighbor across the street was out, and he was happy to help.

We got the table inside, then drove the truck back to Home Depot. When we dropped it off, it was 2:45. Less than 3 hours since we'd met the table's previous owners for the first time, and less than 24 hours since I'd seen the ad on Craig's List. So it was unplanned... at least we have a beautiful table!!

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