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Getting Dogs

Mike and I want to get a dog. Or maybe some dogs. The problem is: we are not sure what size dog we want. I want a small dog. Were I choosing a dog for myself, it would be a "cat-sized" dog, or maybe "one and a half cat-sized dog" one that could sit on my lap. I would still take it for walks and play with it, and I wouldn't carry it in a purse. But it would be small.

If Mike were to choose a dog for himself, he'd want a golden retriever or something like that. Something he can run and play frisbee with, wrestle and play with.

I love big dogs, but I'm intimidated by them. I've never had a dog before, so I don't know how to properly interact with them and train them. I worry about a dog big and strong enough to be too much for me to handle. Back when we thought we'd get one dog, it was a constant debate. Every time I saw a dog I liked, it'd be "too small". Everytime he pointed out a dog, it was "too big".

We were working on finding the perfect goldilocks dog right in the middle, when I had a brainstorm. Two dogs! A lap-sized dog and a frisbee dog. This of course doubles the amount of work we have to do in finding the dogs, finding compatible dogs, and making decisions... but it might be fun to have two dogs. They'd have a companion when we're at work, we would each have somebody to play with, and the house would be comfortably full.

Right now all we have is one stand-offish cat, and the house is quite lonely. For awhile I thought we should wait until Mocha moved on -- but honestly I would like somebody more friendly in the house sooner rather than later. I think she could learn to live with a dog, especially if say we didn't let the dog upstairs. Then that could be her domain.

As time gone by, without getting into too many personal details, we are both learning that the chances are slim-to-none that we will be adding another person to our family, at least not a biological one. And even if that were to somehow happen -- hey, kids like dogs too!

I would like to rescue a dog, instead of buying one from a breeder. But we'd need to find the right kind, regarding size, compatibility with another dog, compatibility with us, ability to be left alone while we're at work, that sort of thing. We would love a puppy, but that might be really hard to raise and train from puppyhood, given our heavy work schedules.

So it seems like hunting for rescue dogs, and learning all I need to know about how one choose a dog, trains a dog, cares for a dog, etc. It will be a fun adventure. And someday soon... Dream Dog(s)!
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