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Last week, we found our puppy - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Last week, we found our puppy

Right now he's at the shelter (which is inside a Vet's office), recovering from kennel cough. Then he needs some fixin'. Then.... THEN HE COMES HOME!

I'm SO excited....

Over the weekend we went shopping, and we picked him up a crate, a collar, a leash, a toy, a blankie, and a pillow. And another toy, and some treats. And a tag. I think we have all the essentials, especially since he'll come home with some food and medication and stuff. A friend gave me a brush, harness, and towel.

We have so much to figure out! Fences, routines, where will we feed him? Where will we encourage him to poop? Where will we feed Mocha? How badly will she freak out?? We need to get him house trained and crate trained, and we need to arrange our work schedules around his small puppy bladder. Will he like car rides? Will he like cats? I already know he like us.

This is going to be such a fun adventure. Once we figure this guy out (our practice dog), we might go crazy and get a SECOND dog to hang out with the first one!!

Right now his shelter name is "Shadow". But we're going to change it. The two contenders are "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All", and "Velvet Thunder". Or maybe Guinness.

I hope he still remembers us, and I hope he's as excited to come home as we are to have him coming home. Can't wait to see you, Stormy!


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johnridley From: johnridley Date: September 25th, 2014 02:04 am (UTC) (Link)
elizilla From: elizilla Date: September 26th, 2014 01:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
He looks perfect. I bet he is adorable in person. How big is he expected to get?
djinnthespazz From: djinnthespazz Date: October 4th, 2014 06:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

Black dogs ROCK!


And feed him in his crate. It will make all the other crate training that much easier. (and even if he won't be in the crate for long periods, train a bunch of them in - so if he ever needs 'crate rest' you won't be fighting a battle then.)

Edited at 2014-10-04 06:55 pm (UTC)
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