alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Old Men

I was talking with my parents and sister this evening about the advantages of a woman marrying a man younger than she. Men don't tend to live as long as women, so you even out your chances of spending the maximum possible amount of time together. It's always such a tragedy when one half of a couple outlives the other.

"But men age more gracefully than women do," my father pointed out. I disagreed, saying that although society has taught us to perceive things this way, it really wasn't true. My sister said that some men age very gracelessly indeed. They lose their hair, they put on weight....

I think the big problem is their additional hair -- older men start spurting hair out of orifices which are not meant to have hair. You see tufts of hair peeking out of a man's nose, or his ears. I also don't like when you see a huge sprout of hair bursting out of a shirt collar, just at the neck.

Furthermore, when men age their cartilage areas get bigger, for some reason. I guess it keeps growing, long after the rest of the body stops. You look at an older man, and his nose is large and bulbous, and his ears are huge floppy things. My father claims this happens to women too. I am not convinced, although it's possible it happens and is just not as dramatic. I reminded the family of our beloved late step-grandfather. He his nose and ears were enormous! Well my grandmother once showed me a photo of him as a young man, still in the military, and I looked. His nose and ears were perfectly normal-sized back then.
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