alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A lighter post

Well, since in my last entry I maligned approximately 50% of the world's population, and in the entry prior to that I appear to have horrified and sickened most of the folks on my friends list, I've decided that something lighthearted and cheery is in order.

Oh but first, a clarification: I love men, in all their shapes and sizes! I just write about whatever random thoughts cross my mind. The previous silly thoughts on men just struck me as funny, so I thought I'd share them. I do hope nobody took me too seriously.

So! I think I'll make fun of myself, since I find humor in lots of things, my own occasional foolishness included. A little while ago, C and I were relaxing in my bedroom. I had lit three candles, to make the room look and smell nice. I like candles quite a lot.

Suddenly, my smoke alarm started buzzing. My bedroom has low sloped ceilings, which I guess makes the alarm a lot closer to the candle-smoke. I leaped up in a panic, like I always do when one of those things goes off. Not that I really thought the house was in danger of burning down or anything, but that noise is loud!! It always freaks me out. I can't think in all that noise.

But even through my blind panic, I realized it was the candles causing the noise. I went to the candle closest to the alarm and blew it out. The alarm continued buzzing. After all, it's not like candle smoke is binary and will go away the instant the candle stops being lit. (Duh...) But my alarm-clogged mind still thought that getting rid of the flames would be the most practical way to stop the noise. So I started to go to the second candle and blow it out as well. Then C calmly got to his feet, reached up to the alarm, and pulled out the battery. He stated something along the lines of, "This will work a lot better."

The hideous noise stopped. I slumped in relief, and only then did I start to realize how ridiculous my method of fixing the problem had been. In a vague attempt to justify my actions, I defended myself, "Well...not all of us are tall enough to reach the smoke alarm so easily...."
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