alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Evening excitement

Walking toward my house from a pleasant dinner downtown yesterday evening, I saw lots of police lights at the end of the street I was on. The lights all seemed to be converged around the turn onto the street my house is on.... At first I thought it was just somebody pulled over for speeding. Then I thought perhaps a traffic accident. As I got closer, I could see lots of police cars, of all different types, plus...oh dear...a news van? That can't be good.

C was walking with me, and when we got to the last block before my street we could see that there was police tape all around where my street is. He said he didn't think we were allowed to go there. "We have to go there....I live there," I told him.

We got to my corner, and saw that my house itself wasn't taped off, just the entrance to my street. We stood there for awhile, watching the (fairly minimal, for all the marked cars) activity, trying to figure out what was going on. A guy came walking toward the scene, and we asked him if he knew what was up. "Barricaded gunman!" he told us briefly, gesturing to a small auto service station on the corner directly across the street from us, as he hurried past us, ducking under the tape to get a better view.

Well! C and I both decided that we should get out of gun-range and watch the excitement on the news, from the relative safety of my house (only 4 houses away from the police tape, half a block from the service station -- ack!).

The news was dishearteningly uninformative. They spent most of their time talking about other people's problems, and even more useless stuff like the election and the weather. "But what about my gunman, just a half a block away?!" I kept asking the television. Finally there was a brief report, a story-in-progress, a visual of the service station, and a report of an armed suspect. They said no evacuations were recommended, but we were supposed to stay indoors. That was it. Then they went back to talking about the weather. How useless!

This morning everything seemed back to normal. I drive right by the station on my way to work, and nothing seemed amiss. I bought a paper, expecting to have all the mysteries revealed, but there was no mention of my little crisis. It was as though it never happened. You'd think there would be at least something mentioned, even if it had all turned out to be fine in the end.... This is why I stay away from the news. It never tells me what I want to know.
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