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One of my neighbors is still agonizing about his housing troubles on the telephone.
Another neighbor is listening to loud music on his headphones, which fail to keep the music isolated to his ears only.
My headphones work much better than his do, but they can't fully drown out all the extraneous noise here.
Somebody else is using loud packing tape to put together a box for shipping.
Two people are talking, but it's work-related, so I can't fault them.
I am wearing my new khakis today, and they're pretty comfy.
I spelled khaki right on the first try this time.
I was cold, but I am now wearing my hooded sweatshirt and feel better.
I look better without the sweatshirt though.
We won both of our softball games yesterday.
I hit a double and fielded several balls, but didn't make any runs or outs.
I am less tired today, but still am not focusing very well, probably because my current task-list is not very specific.
It is strange to be eagerly anticipating something which I don't enjoy.
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