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I am sore today.

I think every muscle in my body is making itself known with my each wincing movement, even down to my ankles, and the arches of my feet. Must be some combination of the hour and a half of hard skating, followed the next day by two hours of softball, with maybe the standing and walking I did so much of over the weekend, plus the time of the month. Whatever the reason, I ache! I was starting to feel it yesterday, even more so last night, but it really hit me this morning trying to get out of bed. The suddenly cooler weather breezing through the window by the bed probably helped stiffen up my muscles too. My stumbling efforts to get down the stairs must have been a sight to behold, and I was relieved to reach the bottom in one piece. Fortunately there was nobody beholding, and I could limp my way out the door without any mockery.
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