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Gift registry

Sometimes the internet is so useful. I am attending two weddings in the next two weekends, and hadn't gotten around to getting gifts for either. I just found out that both couples registered at Crate and Barrel though. Visited their website, and within a few clicks I was browsing pictures of the exact stuff the couples wanted to receive. I selected some nice items, a few more clicks and a credit card number, and now the gifts are winging their way to the recipients' homes. Just like that. I don't have to wrap or transport anything, and I never even had to leave my desk chair.

Granted, a lot of the personal touch is gone. I remember back in the Olden Days, when I was in college, we would actually go to stores to shop for weddings. We would carefully test each item we were considering purchasing. For example, when we were getting a marble rolling pin, we found the one that was weighted the best, and felt most appropriate in our hands. We then pulled out several of the same kind, and spun the roll part on the handles, judging which one spun the longest. That was the one we bought. When buying placemats, we spread them out on a table and picked out the ones with the most even pattern, and the cleanest weave. Then we would wrap the gifts in clever ways, with festive cards. We brought them with us to the wedding, leaving them on a gaily decorated table.

Of course, I had a lot more free time in college. And of course, the Happy Couple then had to lug all those pretty presents back to their home when the party was's not like I ever got to watch them being opened or exclaimed over.
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