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I painted my bathroom last night. It all started the night before, when I worked late ('til almost 9), then decided to stop at Home Depot on my way home. What I really wanted to buy there was an outdoor above-ground firepit kinda deal. They didn't have any. So I started wandering around...home improvement stores can be addictive.

I've been contemplating painting my bathroom for awhile, so I looked at paint stuff. I've never painted anything in my house. I've painted other people's houses, so I know how it's done, but I've never done a full painting project from start to finish. Also, I have no painting equipment.

They sell little kits, I discovered -- everything you need to get started in one convenient package. hm, maybe I should just do it! My bathroom is old (1958), and has funky black and yellow tile. I've never much liked it, truth be told. But I always figured if I don't get it redone, I should go with the black and yellow concept and paint it in a whimsical bumblebee theme. So I went looking at wallpaper borders. I found a cute Pooh border, with pictures of him dangling from a balloon with bumblebees flying around him. Perfect! Very whimsical! I was all inspired. I have a small bathroom. I should just do this! Why not?! So I bought myself the border, a painting kit, and a gallon of yellow paint. (Turns out a gallon is way too much. Anybody need some yellow paint?)

I went home, and read my home improvement book on painting. Then I started removing stuff from the bathroom. Unfortunately pulling some nails and screws out left some pretty big holes in the wall. My book says you're supposed to spackle those, but I had no spackle. So I decided to call it a night, since it was already way past midnight by then.

On the plus side, I made an interesting discovery! I've always lamented the fact that my bathroom has absolutely no storage space. No drawers, no shelves, no medecine cabinet, nothing. I had a huge flat mirror on my wall. When I removed it, I found hidden behind it a large medicine-cabinet-sized hole! I could install a cabinet there if I want!

Well. Last night I went skating. Then I went to my parents' house for pizza. While there, I borrowed my dad's spackle. Then, after 9pm, I went to Home Depot again, and looked at medicine cabinets. I picked up a cheap one for now, although I'm still debating a larger one. Then I came back home. I changed clothes. I spackled. I removed all the shower stuff and whatnot from the bathroom. I washed the walls (although I did a poor job). I taped off the edges. Then I questioned my sanity. It was nearing midnight, and I wanted to paint my bathroom?! So I removed my watch.

I opened up the paint, and poured it into my new paint tray. This is it, I thought. Once that first bit of yellow is on the wall, there's no turning back. I dipped in my brush, and put it on the wall. Yellow. It was cool-looking!

So anyway, I painted my bathroom last night. Tonight I need to put up the border and my new medicine cabinet. And put the shower-stuff and whatnot back. And pack. Because tomorrow morning I leave for Baltimore, to attend my cousin's wedding reception!
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