alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

The end of softball

Well, the softball season has drawn to a close. We had our last two games last night. Officially, we won the first one! um, but only officially. Because the other team had too few players, so they forfeited. Unofficially, we decided to play a friendly game anyway, and we lost. We also lost the second game, both officially and unofficially.

In our defense though: I'd like to point out that we were also short a player. Furthermore, one of the girls who did play had been in a car accident the night before, and wouldn't have been playing at all except that we didn't want to have to forfeit too. She mostly was just there to fill the field; she couldn't really contribute to the game.

It doesn't matter; we had a fun time anyway. I personally scored one run myself, and made two RBI's last night. I played right field where I was very bored (nobody was hitting there last night), but I had a good time at bat and did all right there. Unfortunately I turned my ankle a little bit at one point -- I was sprinting to first base trying to outrun the throw (which I succeeded in doing), and the base itself wasn't flat, so when I landed on it my ankle went in a direction it preferred not to go. Not so badly that I fell or anything, but it's kinda sore today.

Ah well, another softball season finished! Time to hang up my mit and cleats for another year, and start concentrating on skating and dancing this fall. I've been kind of slacking off there, especially with regards to dance, and I'd like to start doing that and some speedskating once again. Plus, of course, synchro skating, which started officially last week! We are doing a "Latin" number this year, with some cool tango music and such. I think it will be a good year. Hopefully good enough to take back our championship.

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