alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

You know, I have noticed something about my life: I seem to enjoy my time away from work much more than my time at work. Strange, that...

Had a lovely weekend getaway, a leisurely drive south with C, met his grandmother, uncle, and aunt. I got a lot of sleep, relaxed, read, met some nice people, had some tasty food.

The aunt and uncle are both huge collectors. It was really funny. We were talking to them both, when Uncle asks me, "Do you like Dick Tracy figures?" I confessed that I didn't think I'd ever seen one, so he springs up to show me a display case filled with Dick Tracy dolls of all sizes. He then points out a variety of other toys, action figures, and so forth he has scattered about the room. We sit back down, and he tells us about the many vehicles, musical instruments, guns, and I-don't-even-remember-what-elses, which he has collected over the years. (Including, yes, 7 cars he had stored in the lower levels of his home, since he had constructed his 3-level house himself of steel and concrete.)

He springs up again to show C some of his latest acquisitions. I share a smile with Aunt. She is tired, leaning her head on her hand, and she shakes her head and says in a southern drawl, "Junk." I ask her, "Do you collect anything?" Her faces lights up as she says, "I do have a few dolls." She springs up and leads to me to I think it was at least 4 display cases filled with dolls, including one filled with nothing but bridal dolls.
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