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For lunch today, I tried one of the ideas I had during this long rambling entry. It was easy. I just took some leftover artichoke-salsa and dumped a can of tunafish into it. Then I put the whole thing into a tupperware container with a bunch of lettuce-from-a-bag, crumbled a few tortilla chips over it, put the lid on, and shook it up. It was really quite yummy!

The only thing I'll do differently for sure next time is to put the tortilla chips in right before eating it, instead of when putting stuff together in the morning (they were pretty soggy). Also, I think dumping in some canned corn would be an easy and tasty addition. Perhaps even some chickpeas or beans of some sort. Shredded cheese would be good too, although it would drastically decrease the healthiness...right now I think the only thing with any fat in it is the tortilla chips (and there were only a few), so it was a very healthy meal. High protein, low fat, and even some vegetables!

I'm quite pleased with myself. I can't really cook. I wouldn't call what I just did cooking, since it's just a combination of already-prepared ingredients, but it was still a big creative step for me. And it even tasted good - yay me!

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