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My allergies are bugging me today. I'm sitting here sniffing away, occasionally sneezing. About an hour ago, my coworker who sits next to me threatened to tie me down and force-feed me Claratin if I didn't take some myself. So I took one of his pills (Side note: he gave me 2 and was trying to get me to take both at once, but you're only supposed to take 1 every 12 hours! I asked him if he'd drive me to the hospital if I OD'd, and he reassured me that he'd carry me there himself, but I still decided 1 would be wiser.), but so far it hasn't done much. I know that listening to somebody sniff and sneeze all day can be annoying. It's annoying me; I feel sorry for my coworkers. But it's not really my fault, is it? I mean, I can't help things like the mold-count.

I've tried a variety of things for my poor afflicted nose over the years, both prescription and OTC, even one herbal effort, but nothing has been reliably effective. Apparently I just have a hyper-sensitive nose. Even on days when I'm not horribly bothered by allergies, I tend to sneeze and blow my nose a lot - especially in the morning. (I've always tried to claim that I'm allergic to mornings, and should therefore be excused from them. It hasn't worked yet.)

Speaking of allergies...I ordered a bowl of chicken-wild-rice soup at my coffee shop last night, and it had almonds in it. Almonds!! It never would have occurred to me to ask if there were nuts in the soup. Furthermore, when I took a bite and thought I tasted one, I asked the waiter-guy. He assured me there weren't any almonds in it. He tried to claim it was the wild rice, that it was somewhat crunchy. I've had wild rice before, and I like it. (That's why I'd ordered the soup!) I was fairly sure it wasn't wild rice. I said, "So you're sure there are no almonds in the soup. No nuts whatsoever. You're certain?" He nodded away, reassuring me, no nuts, none.

I took another cautious bite, and so did my companion. She didn't taste any. My next bite didn't have any either, and I started to relax. Then I tasted another, pulled it out of my mouth, and looked at it. Sure looked like a sliced almond to me! I took yet another bite, and it was almond-free. The next bite crunched again. At this point, the server came hurrying back to me, waving his arms in a "stop!" gesture, looking worried. "I just read the ingredients on the soup, and it does list almonds!" What a surprise.

I gave him the soup back, and he took it off the bill at least. But what if I had been allergic to nuts? Lots of people are. Fortunately, I just don't like them. But I drilled him pretty heavily, and he was very emphatic about there being no nuts, without actually having any idea whatsoever as it turns out. Doesn't that seem a little thoughtless, if not dangerous?

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