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I have been feeling enormous all day today, and I hate it. I am hoping it is because my jeans shrank a bit in the wash, not because I have turned into a fat cow. A good argument for the former is the fact that my scale this morning claimed I was only 6.5 pounds away from my Goal Weight, when I was 7 away from it when I checked before leaving Friday. But I still feel enormous. I must do something about it.

I found a nifty site, which allows you to keep track of what you eat, your weight, activities, and such. According to it, if I am to lose 6.5 pounds by Christmas (a reasonable target I think), then I must lose 1.57 per week. Challenging, but not unthinkable.

The problem is that even while thinking all day about how much I would like to get skinny, I was also hungry all day, and craving all kinds of snacks. I didn't give in to all of my cravings, but some. Among other things, I ate a chocolate cigar, leftover from when my boss had babies. Quite self-defeating...but tasty, heehee....

I got home and there was a big envelope in my mailbox. It was from my friend B, who lives far away and occasionally sends me presents because he is a wonderfully kind person. Sometimes he bakes cookies. I hefted the envelope, and despite my day of skinny goals, my immediate thought was, "Too small for cookies." I am pathetic.

On the bright side, it was a music book, piano music written by Sarah McLachlan! She is a wonderful singer/musician. I already have some of her sheet music, and have learned to play one song (Ice) quite well. This new book has a couple of songs I like a lot. I think I am going to begin by learning to play and sing "Angel", which is just beautiful. Much much better than food, even cookies! *grin*
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