alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Java Conference

Early next month, I am going to a Java Conference in Colorado. I'm very excited about it, and looking forward to going. It looks like it will be really interesting, I should learn a lot, plus it looks like fun. The resort it's held at sounds beautiful, and I'm hoping to have a very relaxing but educational week.

The only bummer is my return flight. On a whim, I decided to stay an extra day and fly home saturday afternoon. I didn't have anything going on that weekend at the time. According to the stuff I read, there was a very good chance the ski slopes might be open by then, and I thought it'd be cool to try to rent some skis and try it out (I've been skiing a couple of times in my life, but not since around 1988!), so long as I was all the way up in the Colorado mountains and all.

Well, it seemed like a fine idea, but now I've found out that my speedskating club's first meet (our only "home" meet no less) is scheduled for that same saturday I'm returning! How frustrating and inconvenient...I'd really like to skate in that meet! If I keep my existing flight, I'll miss the meet for sure, because I wouldn't get in until 7:30pm. I checked on the 'net, and it will cost me an (unacceptable) $100 to change my flight. *sigh*

I think I'm going to sign up for the meet anyway, get up early on that saturday, get to the airport, and try to fly standby. There are two earlier flights; hopefully I can get on one of them.

...and if the ski slopes do indeed open, there's at least a chance I can try the skiing-thing on friday afternoon. The conference ends at noon. According the the resort's voicemail, their slopes are scheduled to open that friday. They make their own snow, so if it's cold enough, it should open. It seems unlikely that I'll be able to do conference, skiing, and speedskating competition, but what the heck, it can't hurt to try to get it all in!

Whatever ends up actually happening, hopefully it'll be fun.
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