alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Fall is caramel apple season, which makes all the chilliness worthwhile.
I get a strange satisfaction from peeling the lint off the lint screen in my dryer.
I went to a haunted barn on Friday, and although I was never actually scared, I was quite startled several times and enjoyed myself.
Almost all the clothes I own are now clean....which makes my dresser rather crowded.
So far I have spent a delightfully lazy weekend. I almost hate to go ruin it with all the skating I'm scheduled to do this afternoon.
My backyard is overgrown and desperately needs tending. But that too would ruin the laziness I've been enjoying so far.
I am out of cereal and clean bowls. I go through phases sometimes when all I want to eat is cereal.
Although I have gotten much healthier, and the swollen lymph node has gone away, my neck/throat/ear have never fully stopped bothering me.
Because it seemed like something interesting to try, I made an LJ community yesterday. iceskaters
I am wearing a bathrobe and tigger slippers.
I would have made a great cat.

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