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More about my bathroom

Well, I got annoyed with my luxurious laziness, so I forced myself off my duff and got something accomplished. I installed a new storage cabinet in my bathroom. It's the kind that's about 2' wide by 3' high, and hangs on the wall above your toilet. I'd purchased it on Wednesday, and it's been sitting in my front room since then. It was a bit of a chore to install. The hardest part was holding it steady where I wanted it, in order to drill the holes. I was standing on my left foot on my toilet-seat, with two textbooks set on the toilet-top, my right foot on the two books, and the cabinet resting on my raised knee. That got it to the right height, but then still I had to rock it back and forth 'til it was level, then hold it steady there while I drilled the four holes through the cabinet into the wall.

My first attempt, the holes didn't line up, because I'd allowed the thing to move in between hole-drillings. I thought about it, frustrated, for awhile. I was getting hot and sweaty from my efforts, so I stripped off my shirt. (What? Guys can do it! And I have a "privacy window" in my bathroom. But even so, I felt like I was involved in some kind of kinky home-improvement porn. Oh well, I was more comfortable. (No, I didn't take any pictures.)) Then I had some diet coke, and I came up with the solution to my lining-up problem.

I picked the upper-right hole I'd made, and called it correct. I installed a plastic anchor in that hole, put the cabinet back up, and screwed it into the anchor. Once it was semi-securely attached to the wall, it was much steadier. I was able to level it again and drill the other three holes much more easily. Then I let the cabinet pivot back and forth on its single screw so that I could install the other three wall anchors in the holes I'd drilled. I then leveled it again, found that the holes were still lined up properly this time, and installed the other three screws.

Success! The cabinet was securely fastened to the wall! I'm pleased with my little endeavor. It looks pretty nice too, although it's still empty right now.
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