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Diet Vanilla Coke

I'm drinking it. Finally. It was released to the public on October 20, and today was the first day I found any. It's yummy! (It better be, after all the anticipating I've been doing!) Ever since I first heard rumor of a vanilla diet coke, I've been hoping for vanilla diet. I only drink diet cola. I can't stand the regular stuff -- it's too sweet, coats my teeth, has a weird aftertaste, and it's full of calories. But for vanilla! Well I've tried (and enjoyed) several sips. I love vanilla, both the scent and the flavor. I have candles, lotion, shampoo, room freshener, bathbubbles, all with vanilla scents. I often order a vanilla latte when I go to a coffee shop. It's just a nice appealing flavor. And finally....I have my vanilla diet coke! Joy and rapture!
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