alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

A chilly garage sale

I am cold tonight. Funny, reading through my friends page right now, it seems that everybody is cold. Winter is coming.

I bundled up today, wearing tights, jeans, wool socks, boots, a turtle-neck, my thickest wool sweater, a coat, and mittens. The cold still seeps its way into your bones after awhile of sitting still outside. I have just put my kettle on, and once it starts whistling I will make myself a mug of hot cocoa or tea.

I spent the day helping out at the garage sale. It didn't rain, except for some late-afternoon sprinkles, so that was a relief. It is going pretty well! We made about $400 so far, with tomorrow yet to come. Lots of stuff is still left; hopefully we'll get a good turnout tomorrow.

I got rid of a lot of video games, comic books, star trek books, and assorted toys of S's. I also got rid of a few items of mine. Some books and puzzles. A small fish tank. A chess set. A box of leggos. (That one was hard! I love leggos. But I never play with them anymore. They've sat unused in the same place since I moved here almost three years ago. I had quite the internal argument, but finally the "purging" part of me won. I want to simplify my life. I'm trying to purge as much out of it as possible. It's not easy. I love my memories, even if they are only memories.)

I also bought some stuff, but not much. A sweater and a turtleneck. Two pairs of jeans. It's funny, they are 1980's jeans, fitted and tapered. You can't find jeans like that anymore! It felt weird putting them on, and then I looked at myself in the mirror, in my tight jeans and baggy sweater. I looked like I'd just stepped out of 16 Candles or some other brat-pack sort of movie. But I needed more comfortable-casual jeans, and these were only $1 each.

I also bought myself some glassware and bowls. The bowls, in particular, will be nice. I always run out of bowls long before anything else in my house needs to be washed, due to my cereal and ice cream habits. I often come home from work and decide that all I really want for dinner is a nice bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. When your dishwasher only contains 5 bowls, 5 spoons, and 3 cups, it feels a little silly running it. But it's inconvenient to have to hand-wash a bowl before you can eat your cereal. I now have 5 new bowls. I was only going to buy 4. They were $0.50 each, and I wanted an even dollar amount. But everybody started ribbing me about leaving just one bowl on the table, and finally one of the other girls chipped in another $0.50 so I'd leave with all of them.

A few minutes ago I quieted my urgently-whistling teapot, shook some no-sugar-added hot cocoa mix into a mug with hot water, and added a generous amount of kahlua. I'm feeling warmer already.

I have a quiet night ahead of me. Perhaps I am old, that I am so comfortable with the idea of quiet relaxation at home on a saturday night.

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