the story of an invisible girl

alpaca princess
2 June
Me stuff:
  • I have a cat. Well, three cats.
  • And some fish, a little tree, a variety of electronic devices, some ice skates...stuff like that.
  • I am female, aged 36, going-on 14 (or so).
  • Somebody called me 'rennie' once in college, and I thought it was cute. So I'm using it for an internet nickname.
  • My journal title is cellophane. Here's why.
  • I have often thought that my life story would be a lot more interesting if I had a better memory. Maybe that's why I've started writing it down?

LJ stuff:
  • Most of my icons are pictures of Duke, in honor of the fact that I program for a living, and I have my Java Programmer Certification. Plus, he's fun, and kinda cute. That does not mean that I'm not a girl.
  • Most of this journal is public. Some parts aren't, because I have learned that if there is anybody anywhere in the world you wouldn't want reading something, then you better have security over it. I also use a lot of posting filters.
  • If I notice you've added me, I'll probably add you back so you can read more. I love having people read this stuff! But you'll have to comment and seem friendly or interested in order to be put on the Good Filters.
  • I am always looking for new friends.
  • I will answer any question that any person poses of me at any time. Just ask. Don't be shy.

"One must have chaos in one,
to give birth to a dancing star."

- Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra 1892

I make my smilies backwards,

I've done it almost all my life.

It makes my smilies taste funny,

but it keeps them on the knife

and it fills my life with strife

but it hides them from the scythe

but it makes them seem so lithe!

"...and as long as she's got noise, she is fine....but I could teach her how I learned to dance when the music's ended." -Dar Williams